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The John Krizay Company supplies small-diameter fused quartz tubing and rod, as well as alumina products. We offer a complete range of options in clear fused quartz, from standard sizes to redrawn custom sizes. We also offer quartz rods and tubes ground to custom sizes.

Our fabrication ability ranges from the standard circular, oval and flat ribbon styles to the more intricate cross sectional configurations. Custom fabricating to your exact specifications is also available.


Fabrication is from Momentive 214 quartz with high purity (99.9%) content and high temperature capabilities. Momentive 214 has a low co-efficient of thermal expansion and low levels of trace element contamination.

Clear Rod

Range from .25mm diameter minimum to 20mm

Frosted Rod
(Ground Surface)

minimum diameter .5mm to 20mm maximum

Clear Tube

.25mm minimum to 20mm

Frosted Tube
(Ground Surface)

.5mm to 20mm


Fiber Optic Coupler
Fabricated to customer request

Specialty Shapes

Elliptical, Conical ,Tapered, Ovals, Airfoils, Rectangular, Square, Etc.


AD-998 alumina is supplied with a 99.8% density. Other characteristics of this material are hardness, corrosive resistance and high-temperature use.

Rod and Tube

.018" to .750" diameter

Specialty Shapes Oval, rectangle, square, conical, tapered, etc.

Alumina racetrack and special bore tubing available by special order.

Beads, Swells & Spools
Beads, Swells & Spools

Fiber Optic Parts
Fiber Optic Parts

Racetrack, Rectangular, Ellipse
Racetrack, Rectangular, Ellipse